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Many of the fundamental tenants of Christianity are observed during the season of Lent, including Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday. The theme of Jesus’s sacrifice for our sins traces back to Genesis, underscoring the truth that God knew before Adam was created that Jesus would have to die for us — yet God created us anyway.

The links below are meditations on this web site that relate to Lent and Easter:

Numbers 21:4-9 The Essence of Salvation
Psalm 2:1-12 The Whole Package
Isaiah 1: 2-6, 18-20 Completely Unreasonable!
Isaiah 53:1-6 Not My Will, But Yours
Zechariah 12:1-3, 6-10, 13:1-2 The Process of Grace
Mark 9:2-9 Heaven on Earth
Mark 14:32-42 Nighttime Garden Prayers
John 10:17-18 In Complete Control
John 14:1-10 Describing the Indescribable
John 14:27-31 God’s Peace

Psalm 2:1-12 The Whole Package
Isaiah 25:6-9 Conquering More than Death
John 10:17-18 In Complete Control
John 11:17-27 Resurrection Power Here and Now
John 20:1-18 Time for Each One
John 21:1-14 Breakfast with Jesus

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