Let the Word Speak!


We serve the one who is called the Prince of Peace.

We are called to be peacemakers.

It should be clear that the Bible has a great deal to say about the topic of peace, and those of us who would faithfully follow Christ should seek to know more about the peace if we are to be true to God in our Christian walk.

So, what does the Bible say about peace?

Many things, several of which I have included in the links to the left. Let me first, though, introduce two concepts God wants us to know about peace.

First, peace is not simply the absence of war. God’s peace isn’t a hole, something that exists only because armed conflict does not exist. God’s peace has a holy power and essence, and it can exist even in the middle of a war.

Second, peace is not something that happens to countries. God’s peace is something that happens to individuals. It is a personal matter, a gift to us from God that we in turn can share with others.

I pray that these meditations will strengthen your bounty of God’s “peace that passes understanding”, and that you will use this peace to become a more effective peacemaker for God’s Kingdom.



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