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Barclay, William, The Revelation of St. John, Volumes 1 & 2, The Westminster Press, Revised Edition Copyright 1976
Excellent biblical commentary, with careful research into background of the scriptures
Dawn, Marva, Joy in our Weakness – A Gift of Hope from the Book of Revelation, Concordia Publishing House, Copyright 1994
Focused on the hope in the book of Revelation for those who are suffering
Halley, Henry H., Halley’s Bible Handbook, Zondervan Publishing, 24th ed. Copyright 1965
General reference for background and context
Lindsey, Hal, Apocalypse Code, Western Front Ltd., Copyright 1997
Interprets images in Revelation from modern perspective because end times are near
MacDonald, William, Believer’s Bible Commentary, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Copyright 1995
General reference for background and context
Metzger, Bruce M., Breaking the Code – Understanding the Book of Revelation, Abingdon Press, Copyright 1993
Explains how Christians can take comfort and strength from the Book of Revelation
Morris, Leon, Revelation, Vol. 20, Tyndale New Testament Commentaries, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Second Edition Copyright 1987
Very thorough commentary, with careful analysis of original Greek text
Robertson, Archibald Thomas, Word Pictures in the New Testament, Volume VI, Baker Book House, Copyright 1933
Carefully explains key Greek words in every verse and their possible translations
Strong, James, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1890
Text cross-reference for KJV Bible, with definitions of translated Hebrew and Greek words.
Talbert, Charles, H., The Apocalypse – A Reading of the Revelation of John, Westminster John Knox Press, Copyright 1994
Interprets Revelation for mainstream churches as applying to now and to the end time
Van Kampen, Robert, The Sign, Crossway Books, Expanded Edition Copyright 1993
Intensely researched cross-reference of Biblical prophesy concerning the end time
Wall, Robert W., Revelation, Vol. 18, New International Biblical Commentary, Hendrickson Publishers, Copyright 1991
Traditional commentary with special emphasis on first century interpretations
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