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My Beliefs

What do I believe?

I have been a believer in Jesus Christ since my childhood, but I find my walk of faith to be both as fresh and new as ever, and as difficult to walk as ever.

I believe that God created everything that exists, and that God is still creating today in every miracle of new life and growth.

I believe that Jesus is God’s Son and is fully God, and that Jesus came to earth, born as an infant to Mary, who was a virgin. I believe that Jesus was fully human, and lived a life without sin, perfectly in the Will of God. I believe that Jesus died a human death, and that God raised Jesus from the dead. In the sacrifice of God’s Son for us, and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, God has given every person the opportunity to accept eternal life in direct communion with God.

I believe that the Spirit of God, as the third Person of the Trinity, dwells all around us, closer to us than our next breath. The Spirit, however, never imposes on us; it is always our choice to listen to the Spirit, to pray to the Spirit, and to choose to be moved by the Spirit.

I believe our highest purpose in life is to love God, and through that love, love others.

I believe that there are many more than one “right” answer to many of life’s big questions, and I believe that God has allowed and blessed the multiplication of denominations and churches because the life God created is more complex, varied, and beautiful than can be captured in a true/false test. I believe those who think they can reduce the Way into one “litmus test” doctrine have stopped worshipping God and are worshipping idols of man-made “holiness” and self-righteousness. God always has and always will defy our efforts to “understand” the Way, because God wants us to walk the Way in simple, child-like faith.

I believe that the ones who truly “get it” are the most humble… and the ones who are the most self-assured clearly don’t get it.

I do not believe that we can be “saved” by denominations, churches, or religion; each individual can only be saved by a personal, unique relationship between themselves and God. People are more important to God than well-formed theological beliefs.

I do not believe that it is ever a valid purpose of “true faith” for one individual to condemn another individual, although many religious practices take great pride in their denouncement of others. Only God knows what is in a person’s heart, and only God is the Righteous Judge. I’ll be happy to study scripture passages with anyone who disagrees with me on this point — if you seek to learn about God rather than to condemn me for my “liberalism.”

I do not believe that we should ever allow governmental politics and religion to mix. I am proud that my country, the United States of America, was founded by people with a respect and love for God, and I am proud that my descendents came to this land to express their freedom of religious belief. When government interferes in religion, even with the best of intentions, it limits my ability to follow God out of my own free will. When religion interferes in government, it turns away from the more eternally important and Holy calling we have to lead others to Jesus and strengthen them in their growth as Believers. There can be no good, and only bad, when government and politics mix.

I am certain that I don’t truly “get it” yet, but my shortcomings don’t keep me from trying to get closer to God in simple, childlike faith.


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