Let the Word Speak!

Who Am I?

Part of the challenge in answering that question is that we think of ourselves by what we “do”, and this site is full of descriptions of what I do.  I “do” Bible studies in the other sections of the site, and in this section, I’ll meander into other vocations and avocations, but what I do is merely external, and truly superficial.

What matters more is “whose” I am, and I belong to Jesus.  I want whatever I do to be grounded in following God’s will for my life and becoming the person that God created me to be.

What I do, then, follows from that relationship.  My professional career has involved managing computer systems, a vocation that I’d never have considered without God’s leading.  You see, when I was growing up, I was sure I was going to be a musician!  But it was God who gave me musical talents, and it is God who keeps finding ways for me to use those talents.  It is such a joy when something that gives me so much pleasure as does music is also how God chooses for me to serve.  Sometimes, what I am called to do in God’s service is not nearly as pleasant, and I am taxed beyond my knowledge, patience, or strength–but there is always joy when I am where God wants me to be!

Enough about me!

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